Convenience For Those In A Hurry
Snacks. Ice. A large selection of fishing tackle. Gasoline for both boat and auto. Yes, we stock what we know our guests will need when out having fun in the Great Outdoors. Years of provisioning outdoor fun has refined what we carry for you. Stock up the night before or in the morning. We are here!


For Those Who Have Time To Browse
Not in a hurry? Then browse our unique fishing decor, cabin decor, and novel Ozark crafts. We have new items arriving all season so you never know what you’ll find from visit to visit.


Fishing Tackle
Rods, reels, line, and all the artificial lures trout are known to hit in the White River. We also have lures for smallmouth and largemouth bass as these species also inhabit our part of the White River. Natural baits include power bait, worms, night crawlers, grubs, crayfish, and crickets.


Beverages & Snacks
County law prevents us from selling alcoholic beverages, but we have a full line of coffees, sodas, juices, and bottled beverages. Our self-serve beverage island includes coffee, tea, and several sodas. Ice cream, salty and sweet snacks, ice, and packaged foods are all here.

What Kind Of Fun Are You Looking For?